Monday, 5 February 2018


The crave for a well organised life is such a profound and clear instinct within us. Of-course you can not hit the nail all the time, because life is not a straight line:inadvertently, we take the wrong turns, hit the dead ends,invest in non lucrative things, feed the wrong expectations and sap into the negative energy.

Life just happens. Sometimes it even hurts to breath. All in all, I have always wanted to have time to reflect, unlearn and learn. Time and space to "audit" myself, in terms of what I am doing and what else I need to bring on board. "Constantly Pulling myself up by my bootstrap." The constant reminder that I need to be on point and on track...more like stock taking. Sounds like a very ambitious yet effortless solution

The most important aspect of my life is spending time in God's presence. It is life giving and reassuring. The essence of life is beyond our grasp, Take it to the LORD in prayer. I know prayer is a good place to start.
Lately, I have been trying to get a hold of myself. Having some me time, sometimes sitting myself down and talking to myself. I have had moments to gauge myself and I am slowly walking past my flaws unabashed. My eyes and heart are opening up to the new me : #FlawedButStillBeautiful

Currently I am loving routines. I feel more organised and intentional. Very aware and decisive about my actions. Yes, responsible and accountable of how I spend my time. Look, I am wearing a new pair of specs and its a real deal for me,

In love with this two quotes, "When you focus on things that truly matter, then you are definitely in bed with things that never disappoint." And "A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little me by Carlyle."

Never be too tired of doing good things and being kind. Actually, endeavour to find ways you can help out and show some kindness. There is something magical about being kind that words can not explain explicitly. THE WORLD IS A SMALL TOWN, be kind.

Nature has a special place in my heart. Lying in bed and waiting for sunrise is very passive for me. Standing on the back patio to witness transformation from dark to light and vice versa is the quintessential magical moment. It is a short lived and delicate moment that gets blotted finally,but I am glad I can savour moments like this
Sunset on 4/02/2018
Reading is inevitable for me. A culture that I have developed over the years. I have just finished reading REWORK and this book is fascinating. Some deep truths. I fell in love with the way the book was written, the short chapters make it a easy to read piece,,,and oh, the authors ooze loads of wisdom. I am thrilled.

Take time to work on your passions. They flare at the start, that's normal. Just like a fine scotch, you've got to give them time to develop. Be patient. Keep on watering.

I realised that sometimes I expend loads of energy on stuff that really do not matter. But my deep longing and new challenge is to be intentional and accountable for my actions and decisions. This can not be over emphasised.

Finally, everyday is not a casual Friday or bring-your-dog-to-work-day. Rough days are almost certain. I learnt that you do not have to throw a stone at every barking dog or catch every ball thrown your ways. Derailers!!!

Light and light. Until next time, keep shining.💖💖💖


  1. Great Article , Annet.You were definitely inspired to pen down the words.Keep it up Love.

  2. So encouraging keep it up and live with those words. Amen Amen



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