Sunday, 24 December 2017


But there is never enough time;There is always one more task. Just take time and rest.

Hey, the world is not going to stop for you. There is going to be an endless bombardment with novel things I promise you. And before you catch up and adjust with the current trend a new one will sprout out begging for your attention.

And either you are going to be unhappy despite getting ,not getting, or keeping abreast with the pace of the world. But if you want to have a fulfilled life, then you have to have priorities that will help you detach from the busyness of the world -REST

You can not be too busy to rest.

The answer to our happiness we are told is, "Work harder."

Work harder to travel the world, to own the latest fashion fad, own a big car... Because all the time there will be always something fascinating that we would want to acquire or do, then we will be perpetually thrusted to working harder to achieve it- a very vicious life!

But its imperative to realise that our needs are endless and insatiable. Therefore, its uber essential to take a break and rest. Furthermore, it is efficient.

You've been under the gun to get things done;

It is a highly competitive world

And now stress is a normative;

Because there is too much to be done

But there is never enough time;

There is always one more task

But here is an invitation to rest;

Authored by God Himself

A meaningful place in time to escape the frantic world;

A call to renew and refresh your life

An oasis to calm you down;

An experience to rejuvenate and rest you

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