Monday, 4 December 2017


Some memories and moments are built, encountered and experienced while travelling. I have lived to accept the notion that travel makes the world look new and when the world looks new our brains work harder.

Travelling to new places reintroduces me to the true meaning of life and this makes a difference. Because sometimes life becomes so empty and boring and you do not feel like it anymore. But then the extraordinary always manifests in the ordinary things in different or new places.

Just like most people I inevitably go through a myriad of emotions before, during and after travel. To be more precise, I never sleep the night to my travel because I am usually inundated by anxiety...Story of my life

Dubai was always top on my bucket list as one of the places I wanted to visit. And when my little seed of wanderlust matured, I quickly gave in. And just like that, my ticket was booked.

I do not fancy flying because it is one of those times that make me helpless. And my trip to Dubai was not one of the best escapades: Reason this blog comes four months later. I remember with great trepidation the unexpected turbulence amid air ... and I am justified to be scared because I was not forewarned and I had never experienced one. For the very first time, I checked to be sure that my safety equipment was intact. But later on I did a not so intensive research on turbulence here which kind of debunked all the fears that took me hostage.

مرحبا بكم في دبي -marhabaan bikum fi dubay-Welcome to Dubai. Come and get blown away.

1. Dubai Mall

The beauty is on another level. The sheer magnificence of the mall sent me some chills. It truly typifies the "All under one roof" cliche. Exploring the mall gave me a body ache, but is was worthwhile. Over 1000 stores, theme parks, water fall, underwater zoo, cinemas, restaurants etcetra

2.Burj Khalifa

A fascinating structure standing at 2,716.5 feet. Truly impressive building. Laurel!


3. Dubai Desert Safari       

Adrenaline junkies would love the 4X4 WD. As for me I screamed my lungs out. The desert bashing, photography and sun set views and desert dinner made the experience worthwhile.


4. Jumairah Beach

The opera of the ocean with its colossal waves is always a soothing experience for me. Spending time near water is calming and therapeutic. First my mind begins to clear up and  an aura of blissdom builds up. Moments like this I hold close at heart; when I can stop and breath a sigh of relief.


I love scenes, beautiful scenes, those that blow me away away and give me a better sense of meaning to life and keep me wowed. So, Dubai blew me away. The technology, their edifices, the heat, the scenes and all the fun activities were so handy and totally replenishing.


  1. Wonderful moments can't just be described enough..

    1. Next should be Ghana or Kenya,,, lets vote



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