Wednesday, 15 November 2017


What we need is a stronger younger narrative. The young also have a "different" lens of the world view; they have the capacity to steer up change.Therefore, it is the right time for young people in society to stop whispering and voice their voices more, least silence will kill us silently. 

I am a firm believer that youths have a special place in that bandwagon that is responsible for shaping society. And I am also of the school of thoughts that; if you have an opportunity (talent, platform or influence), it pays well when used as an inspo to create opportunities for others or ameliorate "extant" conditions.  

Therefore, I heed the call from United Peace Federation (UPF Website) to lead fellow young achievers and youths in questioning the parliamentarians on critical issues including and not limited to Brexit, Immigration, Education, Climate Change, Women Empowerment and Health:very thematic  issues affecting society. I believe discussions around this issues are part of the vital steps needed to create the desired "Utopian" society.

Even in the fog of youth, it was enlightening to know that youths are strong believers of the change they desire and they are committed to make their voices heard. A very ideal way to debunk the idea that, "Youths are just young people baring blossoming in the spring of their lives." As youths, we have clearheaded decisions and solutions at heart that envision true change and a great sense of responsibility and the I can do attitude.

As planned, we were all armed with "tough" questions to pose to the parliamentarians and experts. But as fate had it, and at some point, tables were turned when they posed the questions back to us and challenged us. And this gave us an opportunity to contribute our ideas which were well received, and hopefully will be included as part of the finality decisions.

Some of the eureka moments or key messages from the engagement include:
  1. If you do not like the narrative change it. Everyone is responsible in steering up desired change within our realms, be it using our voices or starting a discussion around the topic.It will go along way. So wait no-longer! You are the change!
  2. Time for normalising prejudice is past. Stand for what you believe. Truth and truth alone. Do not make an excuse for yourself or for others.The fact that something has been in existence forever does not mean it is right. Now is the apt time. Lets get the discussions started. Lets embrace all avenues available including using our social spaces.
  3. What a wonder! All of them are human beings. Away from the spectacles of racism and discrimination of all sorts, lets embrace inclusion, break the barriers hindering key sectors such as education, health, trade and gender.
A massive thank you to Margaret Ali and the entire United Peace Federation team for considering the youths and providing a platform for us to raise our voices and at the same time add to our knowledge base. The wisdom we garnered is well received.

Thank you to Ken of Face of Kenya Connect for the support since day one. Thank you for capturing the moments and making it memorable for us. Thank you for making me belief in myself and inspiring me to pursue my purpose and create an imprint in society.

Thank you all the Young Achievers for the passion and enthusiasm you display. I envision better societies and nations. The conversations were very enlightening and rewarding and I look forward to more sessions.

And enjoy the photos

Love and Light

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  1. Let the world know I called it first. Meet Kenyas first female president. Annet Nyatichi.



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