Wednesday, 11 October 2017


If someone throws you a ball, you do not have to catch it. A great lesson passed on from my mother especially when I felt degraded and devalued in my early girlhood days. 
I had so many balls being thrown my way. I felt incompetent in my education, matters technical prowess, critical decision making and execution.

"I am not okay!" I groaned. My mother retorted. "Yes, you are not okay". She affirmed." Whats the matter?" "Somebody dubbed me as incapable,some boys made fun of me because my breasts are bubbling out and now I feel too big to be in the same class with them. "

"The key is to know when you are catching another ball or else you will end up being victimised, resentful and inundated. God created you uniquely and for a special purpose. Your being here is of a paramount reason.Drop and let go all the negative balls thrown your way. You do not have time to roll up your sleeves and engage in every fight. " Such advice was a constant reminder in a then male dominated society.

Even though, since then there have been numerable reforms that have created opportunities for the girl child, we still hear and see situations that need redress. We can not avoid the trap of analysis paralysis of the issues still affecting the girl child because they occur in our society. And I still hold onto the believe that more salutary effects are yet to be realised with more reforms. Therefore, there is need to continue addressing the issues surrounding the girl child. In her remarks, Malala  Yousafzai says, "I raise up my voice - not so I can shout, but so that those without a voice can be heard." LETS GIVE VOICE TO THE GIRL CHILD
With time, and thanks to all the heroes and heroines who rose to the occasion and made it their responsibility to bridge and break the gap on issues affecting girls: a tremendous improvement has been witnessed. Because the girl child is now accessing heights previously deemed inaccessible and attaining goals previously deemed unattainable. 

Now is the apt time. And it is important now more than ever that the girl child needs to continue thriving. And the possibility of achieving of this is real.Lets lighten up. Even though our high expectations will not hold at times and this may frustrate us, it is also true that all things that are worthwhile take time and effort. 


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