Wednesday, 27 September 2017


We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act but a habit.

"Powerful indeed is the empire of habit," remarks Publilius Syrus. Habit is a norm, something that we do effortlessly, a routine that is part of our life: The reason its so easy to pick up a habit but yet very hard to unlearn it.

I am that one type of a person who ardently believes in personal growth,empowerment and achievement. And even as I grow older, I am totally convinced that progress and achievement has something to do with changing how we do things even taking the decision to step out of our comfort zones. And all this boils down to embracing novel habits and nurturing them until they become a staple culture,something we can do "indiscriminately "

I was deeply hurt when I came across an old journal of mine where I had patched together some of the resolutions I wanted to achieve. Its not that I never dared to implement them. I vividly remember how I could resolve into nurturing a new habit and I revved into it with great energy and enthusiasm. Where the energy and enthusiasm disappeared to months later is an untold story. The same applies to those new year resolutions we make because we are  desperately in need of change but we never live to nurture them to fruition, and this is the kind of cycle that keeps on recurring...

Be it letting go an old habit or embracing a new one, it has to commence from evaluating who we are and who we truly what to be. This has much to do with altering the inner attitudes and mindset that are a projection of the outer aspects of our lives.  The greatest achievement pertaining to habit change is the ability to alter a behaviour that we've hosted for so long,that behaviour that robs us the ability to be better versions of us. Such an achievement is a liberating experience that creates space for more change and galvanises us to continue pursuing diverse ways to edify ourselves.

A successful change in habit is like establishing a behavioural foundation  that shoulders dozens of good habits to follow. So much goes into building up new habits and letting go the old. This include having a time frame to accommodate the implementation of the new habit, and to crown it all having the patience to endure and witness our efforts birth.

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