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Starting off with a challenge from Pastor Mathew Ashimolowo in his book LIVE A BETTER LIFE.

I l love to be challenged, because 1)It stretches my ability to think more 2) It gives me an opportunity to reevaluate myself and what I am doing with my life. Sometimes I start settling into my comfort zone but when I came across challenges I easily bounce back to action 3)Finally, challenges help me to dare greatly, do more and be more. They help me discover and unleash some unnoticed potential within me.

Pastor Ashimolowo in his book says, "Our commitment to our wardrobes shows what is most important to us. When you read you learn to see and think differently. You use other peoples minds and in the process stretch your own. Those who read are considered well-read, however,those who watch TV  alot are not considered well-viewed,"Whoop! Whoop!

Letter D here we come


Are your dreams so compelling?

Nothing changes because we had a good dream. Things change because of the decision to bring our dreams into perspective and pursue them. Though dreams are just thoughts, nothing validates them like action. This is what differentiates us; how we act on our dreams.

Dreams categorise us into three phases ; 1)Those who dream, 2)Those who watch their dreams slip by 3)Those who make their dreams realities. 

When we do nothing about our dreams they became the past or the I wish I did nag. Nothing kills our dreams faster than self. We are our own sceptics when we fail to try, when we listen to the noises within and give up. Do not tolerate whatever kind of limitation because; if you argue for your limitations, they became your limitations

Our lives are a summation of many decisions; decisions to start, continue or quit; from the tinniest to the most colossal doing. The thoughts that run in our minds, attitudes that drive our feelings and reactions to things all stem up from the decisions we align or "subscribe" to. All this is just a succinct summation of how big a role decision plays in our being.

"Our parents can almost do everything for us; discipline us, set good example for us, cry over us; but one thing makes the difference: They can not take away the the power of decision from us"...Loron Wade.

No matter all that happens, no matter where we find ourselves, we have to perpetually keep on making decisions. Its hectic to listen to someone else author/narrate your story, beat your drum and and sing your song. Therefore, who we are is a result of the decisions we make and align to.

God created us and bestowed us with the ability to make decisions on what to do with our lives. The ability to make the wise decisions is what makes us different. Even when it comes to violence, fights, verbal exchange and misunderstanding someone has to make a decision to break the vicious cycle, swallow their pride and overlook the issue. It does not make one an inferior  decision maker when they choose to do the right thing; but rather it makes them informed decision makers and that matters; Making decisions to align to noble things.

"Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable--if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things." Philippians 4;8

Some decisions do not come easy, but the discipline to do the right thing makes it possible to make the right decision.

"For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it"...Hebrews 12;11

Whats your level of discipline? Disciplined enough?
Discipline is always associated with the way one behaves or conducts themselves, however, it goes beyond what one portrays in public to the what happens when there is no public watching, no fear of being victimized/judged and no voice to remind you.

Its one thing to write up a list of dos and donts, and its another to commit. That is the level of discipline I am seeking. The point to which I do not excuse my self and blame someone or something for breaking the rules. The point at which I say no and I mean it. The point at which I am accustomed to sticking to the right thing and values with no watch and reminders (Without being watched or reminded).

On a different and exclusive level of discipline; I have been evaluating what I do, what people around me do, where I want to be in regard to my spiritual life; Spiritual discipline. The discipline to pray always, commit to the decisions I make and be fully edified in all my doings.

"Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid"...Proverbs 12;1

(of emotions, beliefs, etc.) be strongly and wholeheartedly felt or held.
Deep, another way of expressing commitment and doing what you decide to do wholeheartedly and passionately, with all your heart and mind and soul.

Why do we end up becoming sad when we start doing things? Probably because we are doing half halfheartedly. We are in places physically  but emotionally miles doesn't  not do any good to us because it makes us feel wasted and unhappy and remorseful; In the first place why did we agree to go or do it?

Once you decide to do something, be it helping out a friend, being there for someone or standing in for someone; go deep. Do it gladly, happy with no remorse. Otherwise it is courteous to avoid such commitments if you are not willing to deliver. Story of one leg in and the other leg out does not suffice. You want to love love deeply, you want to help; help with all your heart, you want to give; give with joy, you want to stand in for someone; do it passionately. To go deep is to understand what love is, the significance of helping others, value of being there for others, peace of mind and satisfaction

There is no apt time to declutter your wardrobe, house, mind, relations and commitments.

If you do not need something, it does not make sense if you keep it. If you are bogged down with too much baggage, first evaluate and let go that which is not important.

The art of decluttering is an opportunity to create space for new things, ideas, passions etc. It is hard to accumulate more when your space is still full or rather having too much unnecessary stuff. The new does not bring any new light or radiance when put together with the old. When new has space the light illuminates, the difference can be seen and the growth can be experienced.

Life is a continuous state of decluttering. You meet people along the way, pursue passions  and careers, accumulate stuff; including the hardships you go through.We tolerate so many things and it gets to a point when we are worn out, lacking enthusiasm, passions do not make sense and life is less meaningless. This is a chance to declutter, however we do not have to wait too long to declutter. Everyday is evaluation day. Add that which fuels your being and subtract that which derails. 

Declutter by pursuing other passions (we are not limited to a single passion), let go people that add to your baggage and free rent your mental space (We need this space to grow), let go the old that does not shade any light for us, invest in what rejuvenates and gives you an opportunity to grows and  development.  

Lessons of the Week

1.Everyday is thanks giving day. Do not take for granted what you have. 

2. Do not hold onto a thing because it is written, do not believe something is unchangeable because tradition has it so. Its up to you to take a new step, embrace new challenges and focus on overcoming the so said or written deterrents. Altering the faded view and setting to discover is the way to go. Find the things that challenge you most and face them until you finish with the solution God gives.

3. God is able to work with any situation. Circumstances do not have to be ideal for God to be God and grant us success. 

Until next, stay blessed.

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