Thursday, 27 July 2017


If you do not like something; you change the narrative. A great lesson I learnt from a mentor; and I have endeavoured to embrace it... so basically it is a work in progress.

I remember once I slept without my dinner for no apparent reason.It was one of the longest night of my life. I was left home alone with my small sister and we felt lazy and decided to sleep without our evening meal . I couldn't wake up to find something to eat, because I was so scared, I can not stand the sound of a running dog outside, and owing to the stories our guard used to tell us, I could not dare put my feet out of bed to the kitchen which is outside the main house. I remember with great trepidation my stomach roaring in hunger and I turned countless times gazing at my phone each minute. I just couldn't wait for dawn.

That was just a one night experience; But It thrusted me to think about the people who go for days without food. And I was never at peace knowing that hunger is so disastrous, life threatening and consuming. And because I can not stand hunger, I can not stand malnutrition-ed children and I can not stand to see people die out of hunger I am out to be part of the solution to the hunger crisis. I believe hunger is something that can be resigned to history. Because, we have given the world baffling technological solutions, then definitely there is a solution to the hunger crisis.

The Face of Kenya 5th edition was a success, a celebration of young minds involved in changing narratives in the community and committed to create a difference and ameliorate the lives of vulnerable people in society. The platform insofar has and continues to create opportunities for young people to contribute to society and have an opportunity to create opportunities for other people.

I managed to fund raise 950 pounds for  a feeding program with Red Cross Kenya. However, Fundraising is not the solution I am seeking to address the hunger situation, but I believe it will give me an avenue to reach out to the marginal areas.

Event;Face of Kenya UK 2017 (8/07/2017)
Venue; The Royal Regency, North London
Photography; Ken
(Facebook@ Ken Kenny)
Face of Kenya Website

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