Friday, 28 July 2017


1. Change
Change in life is inevitable. Because we grow, embrace new values, attitudes and behaviours. Just to note that we are never the same through out our life, a thing or two or three have to change.

Basically, change is a natural process for those things that occur inherently but some changes we embrace along the way. What matters is the type of change we embrace...positive or negative, good or bad; all these changes end up defining who we are, how we relate to people and somehow determine the pathway to our destinies.

At one point in life, we are plunged for the need to change, do stuff differently and improve our lives. Yet at times we find ourselves combated to our old ways, habits and passions.

The very thing we are trying to avoid is the very thing we are thrusted to apparently; A quagmire situation which we do not want to base our lives on.  It is not a pretty picture...

We struggle to change at times. As the apostle Paul put it;
"I am not practising what I would like to do, but I am doing the very thing I hate. The good that I want,I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want"... Romans 7;15-24

Its rhetorical how we desire to have novel values but we end up embracing the opposite. It is impractical, not for any complicated reasons, but because we forget to tag along the art of replacement. Simple; if you want to let go something old or your old self, it is reasonable if we find something else to replace it. And its a matter of practice, because what you practice you became.

The power of choice is vested in every individual as a way to express themselves, pursue passions and even follow dreams.

Choices have ramifications. So its upon everyone to have a wise selection of stuff that make them happy and at peace. If need be, take time and evaluate the choices you make, be sure the choices do not bring you hurt, harm or regret.

"Let us therefore make every effort to do what leads to peace and to mutual edification"...Romans 14;19

Choices, when carefully thought upon are stepping stones to thrive. But still our choices could  lead us to our prisons.

We are not perfect beings... we are a work in progress. We falter, fail, forget and make mistakes. But it is not the end. We always all the time have the chance to dust up, re position ourselves and learn the right moves or embrace new technique.

I remember in my undergraduate days... and most precisely during the exam period. I was always burning up with panic out of no apparent reason. And each time my dad called  to ask about the exam, I was always in a panic. Its so astonishing how he could calmly say; disengage the panic gear and wear on your confidence. And with this counsel in mind, I went through my exam time relaxed and confidently.

We all need some good counsel because it is good for the heart, mind and soul.  A good spiritual shove or advice at the right time is maybe what we just need to get started or let go our fears and anxieties. Maybe at times this will include some corrections or rebuke, (but sooner or later, but its better sooner) we have to start our own engines or initiatives.

Sometimes we receive the right counsel, we get corrected and jolted to the right path, we act on the counsel and start our engines. But then our engines do not run long enough to take us to our final destiny. Is it because the engine power runs out? And who is responsible for its replenishment? The giver or the receiver?

"Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it your life"...Proverbs 4;13

When are you coming? Are the last words I had from my late grandfather. And it still hurts because I never made it in time to see him and share his last moments before his rest.

 I once thought about my life with God and all the resolutions I had been making and failing to execute. But I was still in awe why God, despite my short comings and failures was still ever accepting me. And everyday, I still hear the voice ask me, when are you coming? Its a calling no one will  not want to miss out on...

God calls us and we are coming half heatedly, with hesitation, doubt and we are uncertain if we really want to heed to the call. It does not matter what situation we are in, where we are or what we were; the most important bit of the call is accepting to go. Because whoever comes will be accepted. We do not want to be derailed any longer, its so hard to bear such a regret. And taking it the hurt for missing the opportunity makes it harder

"All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out...John 6;37

Means to rule something, exercise restraint or direction over.Synonyms include conduct, manage, control and direct. The are many meaning to the term control, but for purposes of discussing the idea of personal control, I have limited the meaning to the aforementioned meaning.

The ability to have self control over your life is one of the things I consider as true freedom. A privilege that enables us to choose our lifestyles, how to relate, what activities to indulge in and who to tag along.

However, ironically, most of the times we loose our control power because of some actions and decisions. We get enslaved into our thoughts because of our actions. For instance when we respond to ugliness with anger, hatred with revenge, we hand over our remote control to someone else. We let them push our buttons and determine our feelings. They easily curtail our freedom of control, determine how our days go and affect our relations and influence our actions.

Imagine a year long under the control of someone else, dictating and using us for what they want. But isn't this the kind of control we are under when we nurture hatred and linger upon thoughts of revenge? Is this not how we free rent some space in our mind to undeserving persons?

The truth of the matter is we can have and enjoy our autonomy by simply embracing some characters. Just stop letting people determine how you feel, revenge is not your battle,leave it for God. Let anger go and do not nurture any hatred.

"Do not take revenge, my dear friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” says the Lord... Romans 12;19

"Whoever is slow to anger is better than the mighty, and he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city"... Proverbs  16;32

Lessons for the week
 1.The greatest gift you can offer someone is prayer.

2. God continues to bring opportunity after opportunity through diverse situations in our lives. His own word presents an opportunity for change. But then, do these opportunities move us to a path of change?

3.God will not write you off. God will not forget you. God will not give up on you. God keeps the promises He makes to us. 

Until next...Stay blessed.

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