Friday, 21 July 2017


How time flies by lately. Its been such a good week with a lot of learning and discoveries. 

Now lets take a look at my  five B words for the week;

The Bible is Gods written word to us. The Bible is not just an information book of dos and donts but a book about God talking to us.
The Bible, no matter its age remains the most current book. Its the most relevant book one would come across, very integrated and holistic because it essentially addresses every issue. 
My favourite quotes about the Bible stem from two famous world leaders;
"Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all problems men face,"...Ronald Reagan
"Take all that you can from this book upon reason, and balance on faith, and you will live and die a happier man",(When a skeptic expressed surprise to see him reading the Bible)... Abraham Lincoln

The brain is a very significant organ of the human body. However, it is a very complex organ that performs multifaceted tasks and the way it operates is always baffling. According to Ray Stevens; The human brain is a very funny thing; its very susceptible to tempo and melody. You put the right words to it and it becomes very influential. Therefore, you can not feed you brain with fat thoughts and bear thin results. 

People will always believe in you but it wont create an imprint or create the desired effect if there is no self believe. You  will always be defined by the traits and things that you believe in. 
On a more profound  note, your believe on who you are  can take different dimensions. But most importantly you must believe that you are the person who God says you are. You must believe that you will do the things God says you can do. If you believe in the enemies snares  instead of Gods truth, then you get thrusted to perpetual fear and anxiety...YOU ARE WHAT YOU BELIEVE.
Whoever believes in Him is not condemned, but whoever does not stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name Gods one and only son...John 3;18

Blissdom is the kingdom of perfect happiness and joy. It is worth to always practice what brings you happiness and joy. Everyone is responsible for creating their own happiness and joy. You have to learn how to create your own sunshine and sustain the light that it illuminates. Do not expect that someone else will make you happy because expectations disappoint at times; well in some occasions people in our lives will make us happy, but this wont suffice forever. It is important that we learn and practice our own happiness rituals. 
Once you start ignoring what makes you happy, then you are headed for doom. Just like any other Utopian vision that gets shipwrecked.

You are the blessed of the Lord. And I now begin to realise that blessings come to those who bless others and wish others well. But most importantly, we ought to pray fervently for God's blessings. So we often pray and seek God to bless us, but its critical that we are also present to receive the blessings we ask for. Our eyes should be wide open to see the path that leads us to our blessings and our ears alert to listen when  the blessings come.
Now be true to yourself, help others along the way, make each day count, delve deeper into good books like the bible and give thanks for the blessings you receive. 
And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work ...2nd Corinthians 9;8

My pick up lessons this week include;
1. Making God first means we lay aside any idea and thought that competes with Him or diminishes His sovereignty in our lives.  And infact if He is God, the only place He can occupy in our lives is first.

2. Things change when we see them from a different perspective. At times we liken our problems to the  earth and the sky. But just think about it again, How does God view them? There is no situation that is meant to be permanent in life, therefore, do not make permanent decisions based on temporary situations.

3.Do not live your live on wish list ideas. Live the moment and be present. Do not be caught up. Do not be cut out. Along the way learn and grow and help others. 

Until next...stand to be blessed.

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