Friday, 30 June 2017


My best way of expressing ideas, thoughts and sharing them is through writing them down.Actually I consider it as an opportunity for personal growth and development because 1)it heightens my understanding on various themes and 2) It could inspire someone or challenge them.Reason; Sometimes before I share my thoughts, I delve deeper into finding out what others have shared on the same topic and I also get to learn and emulate a thing or so...

So I am on a challenge to share weekly five words from each letter of the alphabet and what they mean to me. I hope to share this every Friday. And at the end of each sharing, I will conclude with a succinct summary of my pick up lessons through the week.

 I am so excited about this and I have told myself that I have to deliver 😊😊😊

So unto letter A

Its amazing that my name starts with A and this gives me an opportunity to say who I am. My name is Annet Nyatichi Ogega, born in the highlands of Kisii Kenya in  a village called Gesure. In the old days  in my community; the girl child was a symbol of wealth (Dowry) and she was regarded as a peace ambassador especially through inter marriages between warring clans. But Today the girl child is viewed as a source of inspiration because of her relentless efforts to have a good education and spur up change in the community. Even so she still epitomises the element of peace.

Annet is an alternate for Anna( Hebrew) and Hannah (Latin) meaning favoured one.

Therefore ; I am a favoured child of God. Destined for greatness  and deeply loved by God;which I believe everyone else is.


Anointed for me denotes chosen. Anointed means to live a purposeful life. But that's one side of the story; The other is seeking to know our purpose in life. God did not create us for no purpose, but it does matter how much effort we put into discovering that purpose and then living it.

God listens to our cries, pleas and requests and answers and fulfils them in His abundance. Its one thing to ask and its another to receive an answer. I am now learning of a new dimension of how to seek answers especially in difficult situations. #Embracing calmness and listening to the;still voices; The art of quieting the mind... 


Aligned to Gods way of life. Gods way is always the best and its what we ought to seek for everyday. God works in miraculous ways, sometimes it takes time before we get what we are after. But I have come to learn that its a journey meant to teach us of who God really is and How He works. Along the journey, choose to remain calm, be grateful and appreciate each moment.LEARN and stay on board. 


The best acceptance one would ever seek is God's  acceptance. That even with all the flaws Gods accept us just the way we are. Most of the  time we loose sight of God and we wander far away, but still when all seems impractical God gladly and readily accepts us and doesn't kick us out... 

This week was a blissful one. My major lessons are drawn from the book Victory through Defeat by George Mwansa who shares very vital lessons through the life of Joseph.

1. It makes a difference when God knows about our thoughts, pains and what we go through; because if He knows about it; He will do something about it.

2. God is always in control. Our lives are truly in His hands. We don't have to have the right man in the right office for things to move favourably in our life. God is sufficient in every situation. Just tell God about it and listen to what He has to say.

3.The true nature of love; Love by its nature gives and seeks the good for others. Love is not about studying how love operates but doing what it requires. ACTION LOVE

Until next week,Stay blessed



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