Thursday, 22 June 2017


"Travel makes the world look new, and when the world looks new, our brains work harder."

The place I thought of visiting first when I came to the UK was Scotland. I din't know how soon that was going to be, but I knew I could  visit when the chance presented itself. 

Out of randomness and my insatiable nature for adventure, I was on my way to the amazing Scotland. And it was a perfect opportunity for me to break away from the normal hustle and bustles and reignite. Talk of a perfect weather, nothing beats this...

Scotland scenery is rated among the most fascinating places in the world, her intrinsic magnificent mountains, atmospheric glens, picturesque lochs still stand beautiful and well managed.

The viewpoints and beauty points reveal the breath taking nature of Scotland

Amidst the diverse and beautiful landscape lies a wealth of historic and natural treasures. The castles, forts, stones and mountains tell it all.

 Their culture dress "Scottish Kilt" is well treasured and revered. All I can say, it is exquisite, stylish, cool and well adored. But it reveals a strong sense of belonging and commitment towards the Scottish culture. A very pure way to exemplify and ensure culture continuation among generations.

The Scots are overly cordial; a distinctive trait deeply ingrained in them. A confirmation of their worldwide reputation of being friendly and generous. This gives me a second and a third reason as to why I should visit Scotland again.

I have come to long that everyday in my life is special. So long as I take the initiative to make an ordinary day an extra ordinary day and thrive to feel inspired, energised and replenished.

Until next...Loads of Love 💗💗💗

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