Wednesday, 10 May 2017

ON THE MOVE; JOLT Youth Leadership and Mentoring Programme

Everybody needs that someone that rings a bell on all those familiar and not so familiar things they are aware of  but are hesitant about making them pragmatic in their daily doings.

But when we get home, home is still the same. But something in our mind has been changed and that changes everything. I applaud myself for the decision to attend the Master Class by JOLT CEO and Founder Jacqueline Onalo .When I returned home I was not the same. I was a novel me; avalanched with key tools to turn around and start getting it right. Because even when we are sure about our life's purposes, a  few witty words can create a tad needed difference or a colossal effect. It is very imperative for one to be equipped with the dexterity to redefine themselves, re-brand and have the ability to add some "sauce"into their life. Some things appear mundane; not until you get the ideas and inspiration of embracing them.

The experience gained from the masterclass was incomparable. From the start of the session to the very end I felt that I had been missing out on so much. At one point I felt derailed with some of my life goals simply because I was hesitant to practice some norms that I deemed as less pertinent in my career and life goals. 

Tell us who you are; This is a very famous question in interviews. And somehow when one gets it right there is a higher chance of them sailing through to get the job. However, the  same question gives most people a helluva hell, trying to navigate around to explicitly say who they are. 
So I will tell you who I am; "I am a lawyer, I am a leadership speaker..." She spoke courageously and with a lot of surety. "I was nominated among the top hundred  women for Africa in 2016..." What a strong sense of identification !knowing who you are is a great part of a success story. SELF IDENTITY. My take away message was learning to be sure of what makes you you, being aware of your purpose and embracing ones  uniqueness because you can only do you better.

The best way one can ever learn is from their own experiences. However learning from some one else experience is a far better teacher. For instance, one will not always get it right. At some point you will fail or your plan will not work as expected. But what matters is how flexible one is able to adjust and recollect. Resilience is a very key factor for success. The point at which one fails should be the very point at which one should learn and readjust and tarry on. Rather than tolerate any negativity and beat up yourself; choose to grow. 
The speaker presented a lot of real life experiences. Navigating failures to Success stories!
I did not expect to learn of any failures from her. I learnt that she had failed too; first her business collapsed and she lost a lot of money. Presto! She took it as an opportunity to learn and rebound. You are responsible for own failure if you do not consider it as an opportunity to re position yourself correctly, learn the right moves and grow.

You are already aware of WHO YOU ARE, your skills, passions and motivations; But where are you? How will they find you when they come looking for you. There is definitely  someone who could also be having the same skill set as you. How do you stand out to be noticed? The art of PERSONAL BRANDING; Branding is very important if one needs to stand out, leverage their skills, focus on their objectives and attract opportunities their way. LinkedIn,Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms, are they being used as a platform that generates opportunities for you? My take away message was Nobody is gonna sing your song or beat your drum. You ought to be found when they come looking for you.

We were taken through key thematic areas of how we can leverage our skills and find opportunities including ;SELF IDENTITY, PERSONAL BRANDING, NETWORKING, LEADERSHIP, MONEY MATTERS, SELF WORTH among others.  At the end of each theme were all asked to reflect on what had been delivered and also note down our light bulb moments. The involvement was well coordinated to enable each individual reflect personally  and note down their take away messages. I had an opportunity to learn and critically reflect on my skills, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses. Through developing my treasure chest (skills, passions, motivations, ambitions) I was able to get an utter understanding of how the thematic areas addressed work in tandem to bolster all efforts committed to secure a successful career, personal development and growth.

The master class was organised to prepare us for the new roles as Ambassadors in the Face of Kenya Charity event. But the impact is beyond the single role; The Master Class was timely presented to cover the present endeavours including studies, career and community roles. 
We are in an era of information abundance and overload.  But we need a knowledgeable and witty person to put the information into context. Sometimes what seems right could actually be sugar coated.  This is exactly what the JOLT  Master Class provided. And I would highly recommend this training to all youths in preparation to their careers and even those already in career as an opportunity to develop up the career ladder

When one gets jolted they ought to start acting differently and embracing new ways of thriving. First you brand or re-brand, start networking more, contacting your mentors and looking up to your role models more. On the contrary the change helps you to abandon that old self that procrastinates, ignores to engage positively and that which tolerates negative talk. One thing I am sure of; You do not stay the same once you get JOLTED

At the very end we were asked to give feedback of the entire session. I believe its in preparation for a  more comprehensive class. I felt that the time scheduled for the training was short. There was a lot to ponder on and I felt more time was needed. 

At the end of the day  I felt transformed. A new light, A new sensation and discovery. I couldn't wait to get home to start straightening up and putting into practice what had been imparted in me

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