Thursday, 4 May 2017


Ambassador Annet Nyatichi
Charity of Choice; Feeding the hungry in North Kenya

I always wanted urgent action taken all the time I read and heard of news about the looming crisis of hunger especially in the marginal areas of Kenya. I could not understand why people were suffering and dying out of hunger fifty plus years into independence. Sometimes I felt inundated with such news; I kept on gnashing  and wishing I had the capability to address the problem.(This is the first limitation I ever slapped myself with;I was skeptical about my ability to do something no matter how small within my realm of influence.)

I remember at times I shared with friends of how I thought best such issues of hunger and poverty in marginal areas could be solved. But, Alas! I do not remember mentioning anywhere what my contribution would be. I always referred to some other people who I thought were responsible. Not until I learnt that I was being irresponsible. Because being responsible means taking your own advice before offering it to someone else.

Now I realise that change is not just a thought that flashes in the mind and disappears. If you ever want to see change you must be ready and willing to take the lead courageously and initiate it. It does not matter how incapacitated you feel (which you are not), just a single move paves way for another move and another... and in no time a colossal amount of salutary benefits is achieved. All the great things we see started as a small idea/thought that kept on building up to the massive end result that is usually applauded.

Joining the Face Of Kenya Charity Initiative was the best decision I ever made. First I got the best feeling of being branded an ambassador this year and beyond this year. Yes because ONCE AN AMBASSADOR ALWAYS AN AMBASSADOR. Yes I have been assured that I AM A POWERHOUSE and once I START DOING GOOD I GET HOOKED UP because DOING GOOD IS ADDICTIVE. 

I have read a gazillion success stories of people's philanthropic acts and they have always inspired me. I am now JOLTED and I feel its the apt time for me to take the initiative. I believe that my own story through the Face of Kenya charity platform will inspire someone. Inspiring other people is one of my mantras in life.



  1. At least i have gone through it, it is so inspiring and how i wish each one of us can have that filling am telling you people could not be suffering the way they are but with God all will be well. Thanks for your concern.



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