Saturday, 1 April 2017


His love makes me happy
He is the reason for all season
His ways are the best to embrace
He never disappoints
No matter how far I wander from His abode
I have always found my peace and joy on my way back

I know in Him I have a true friend
He sticks closer than a brother
His tolerance on my stubborn nature is indisputable
He minds me and He is always kind to me
He never demands anything in return for His goodness
He is such a unique and rare friend

He is my comfort in my distress
In my low times He uplifts me
When I want to give up He reassures me
When faced with challenges He is there to offer solutions
When I think I am alone He reminds me of His omnipresent nature
When I feel unworthy He reminds me that I am beautifully and wonderfully made

I will give thanks to Him in all circumstances
I will be reminded everyday of His mercies
I will let Him handle all my grief and burdens at all times
I will always surrender to Him all my cares
I will follow His ways all my days
I will live to tell the story of this JESUS

The lover of my soul
My trusted friend
My all time redeemer
He plunges me to victory
He is my saviour forever
His plans for me are the best.



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