Tuesday, 7 March 2017


I have always loved getaways. It does not matter how far, but the thought of visiting a new place always ignites and triggers my sense of happiness.

Its well known that " Travel makes the world look new, and when the world looks new, our brains work harder," and " When you get home, home is still the same; but something in our mind has changed and that changes everything."

I just have to admit that getting ready for the seaside trip to Southend was not an easy peasy job as I speculated. But I couldn't miss this mini getaway. I love and live for good memories that rejuvenate my sense of wonder and set my mind  at peace. Because when our lives are filled with the desire to see the beauty in nature and everyday things, something magical begins to happen.; and a feeling of peace emerges.

Let the fun begin
 I got excited after seeing the boy squad get out of the roller coaster. I courageously secured my ticket. WANDERLUST; EXPLORE EVERYTHING!

CONFESSION; I do not want to see a roller coaster any time soon, It was the most scary ride I ever experienced. The speed, height and turns still send chills up and down my spine 😢😢😢

Laughter amidst crying. Honestly I lost myself when I was dangling upside down and sideways up the skies.
I just needed a reassurance that I was finally down and safe on the ground.

The wind and Sun
The weather down at Southend was multifaceted and undecided. The sun and the wind competed; but after the hullabaloo the wind definitely prevailed. The sun was option-less but optimistic, so it struck its rays on the waters giving the waters a beautiful silhouette


Train Ride to the longest pleasure pier in the world

I agreed to this after innumerable assurances that it was just a normal train ride. I was still dreading to my roller coaster experience. But it was absolutely amazing, it felt like a caravan. And the views to the sea were equally amazing; indisputable!!!

 Memories are made of this.

There is Beauty in memories
My heart sparkled and danced to the tune


False Showers
The drizzles were meant to scare us just a litu; on and off; undecided. But then the rainbow appeared on our way out. 😝😝😝

   Where next?

#Times And Travels of  Annet.


  1. Its so nice in that i miss words of explaining how sweet it is. Keep it girl

  2. You can even write a book entitled TIMES AND TRAVEL it will be so lovely



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