Thursday, 16 March 2017

CUMBERLAND;Connect and Communicate Workshop

Cumberland Lodge, a former royal residence sits in the heart of the great Windsor park. It has a multitude of attractions to beguile the visitors and of-coarse a rich history dating back to the 17th century. Over the years, it has been iteratively used for educational purposes and I am utterly glad that I had the chance to visit and learn.I am always dumbfounded by breath taking scenes because they always give me reason to slow down in my tracks and they make the obvious things look magical and this changes everything.The staff were cordial, the rooms cosy and the food was amaze-balls; lol everything sounded snacky but I just had to train the Kenya in me to act English, and I just remembered that " When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do."

I had a great time from the busy university schedules. For once my stress was at null.

Before I forget; the main objective of the workshop was to connect and communicate. Basically how to communicate academic or scientific knowledge to various audiences. The workshop provided an opportunity for us to know what the fellow scholars were doing in regard to their projects and studies. I must admit that through the various plenary and group discussions I learnt of some novel ways to communicate, acquire information and most importantly I attested to the fact that there exists a plethora of platforms to share various pertinent issues.

The Group Projects
This was the most challenging task but very insightful. We had to work in teams on a set topic and then create a campaign on the topic using various social media platforms. Presto!!! Its not easy to execute such a massive task within a limited time. But then kudos to everyone because we managed to deliver as expected.

Brain storming on how to launch our project on Sustainable Environment

Filming a fake documentary on how intense the water pollution menace is affecting people.Jeez, so amazing how versatile we got. Playing multifaceted roles in different scenes

And we had the panel of experts analysing the water pollution issue on tv. OMLawd

I also had my "she moments". I love to create memories

Walk in the Park

Saturday afternoon was the best part of the workshop. The walk to the park was very fascinating. Walking on the mud first reminded me so much of home, and for a moment I felt overly nostalgic and had my five tear drops run down my cheeks. But at the same time I also felt reconnected to my homeland. Hehehe, to some extent the nostalgia and tears were in line with the workshop theme; To connect

But the scene was just awesome. But all the time I just had to allude it to the scenes at home.Windsor park looks like MaasaiMara landscape

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