Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Who goes for a trip and comes to share the details one week later? Damn!!! Its like coming into contact with something that you've been craving for so hard and long and then just let it slip by; HOW NOW?

But then the past week was consumed by the backlog of uni stuff. But now everything seems under control and this ignites my sense of happiness. Lets talk BRIGHTON now.

Brighton day trip happened at the periphery of spring. There was a little sun up in the sky and the flowers were sprouting out in full splendour. Everything looked revamped and with more life.
For me the arrival of spring heralded the long awaited sabbatical from my first real Winter experience. Because through out the winter, I was skeptical of what could prevail and at some point I felt out of place and scared ( Problems of an amateur girl)

Think of something you love to do, dedicate some time and give it a go and see how it feels like afterwards. My feeling was up in the air 😆😆😆
The opera of the sea with its colossal waves are always a soothing experience for me. Spending time near water is calming and therapeutic. First my mind begins to clear up and  an aura of blissdom builds up. Moments like this I hold close at heart; when I can stop and breath a sigh of relief.

A journey to a new place is all you need when everything appears pale, less exciting and boring. When your mind is so full, and you feel inundated with same old routines; some time away from the normal is the much needed therapy. Because when you return to your normal you will always feel re energised, more focused and at the state of ataraxia.

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