Monday, 23 January 2017


I know this has come a little late but "Better late than never." My blog was to come up in December 2016 but I kept on procrastinating it for no clear reasons. Not until I read this book by Brian Tracey "Eat that frog," then I realised how procrastination was insidiously delaying important tasks in my life. The bitter truth is that we keep on missing on crucial life changing opportunities every time we procrastinate on key tasks ( Blog for another time).

The dawn of a new year marks the commencement of novel things. Its the best and most wonderful time to be alive. Think of being a new you and starting all over again. In case the past year didn't work out for you as expected, then the new year is the time for deliberation and revelation. Time for the lessons learnt previously to be ingrained into your life.What would anyone want expect for a life brimming  with new hopes, new focus and new goals?

                        Sigh! Sigh!

Anyway 2017 is not as young anymore but its never late to retrace in case you set the wrong foot forward.

Here are some of the things to cling onto this 2017

  • God 
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"I am the light of the World, 
whoever follows me
 will never walk in darkness ,
but will have the light of life"
John 8:12

  • Family and friends
Never forget  your family and friends at any point, this are the people who make life worth a living. Doesn't matter how but take a little time to talk and visit them. 
Let nothing, be it career draw you  away from your family and friends, value them when you can!!!
I read this post last week and it got me thinking that most of us have "idolized" our careers and other trivial matters ignoring the most vital things in life and forgetting what truly matters.
  • Brain
"The human brain is a funny thing: it's very susceptible to tempo and melody. You put the right words to it, and it becomes very influential." Ray Stevens
Never at any point abandon your brain. Always think before making final verdicts and keep in mind that all actions have consequences. You better not regret or wish you had taken time before doing something.😧😧😧
What we practice and do repeatedly forms our habits and behaviour. What if we continuously tell ourselves to do the right thing and to be the right people? What is this different and "ideal" habit you have always yearned to be apart of you? So this 2017 make a commitment and be determined to embrace it.  Find a thread that works for you, liberate yourself, build new habits and engage your brain all the time.
  • Diary
Always practice to think on paper. Keep a diary and list all the things you need to do in order of priority.
Note all the important events and tasks ahead of you and prepare for them appropriately.
  • Promises
Promises to yourself, to family, to God and anyone else. Keep that promise to give yourself a rest, to do Gods will and to create a difference in someone's life. It does not matter how small some of the promises we make sound, a commitment towards fulfilling them creates a huge difference, after all its the little things that matter.

                  BLISSFUL 2017 💗💗💗



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